Putting a Dream on Hold & Becoming an Expat in a Foreign Land

2017-07-16 11.11.37
It has always been my number one dream to be able to help other people. I knew from the beginning that it was my mission. Everything was all set up for me even before I started University. I picked a field in the Biological Sciences because I know it would prepare me for the Post Grad Degree I wanted to obtain afterwards, but life isn’t as easy as 1,2,3. My circumstances made me put a life dream on hold.
Like many people in my homeland, I decided to work outside the country in search for a better opportunity and a better income. At the age of 22, I flew out of the country and started a life in a foreign land. “I had to do what i have to do for my dreams and for the people depending on me” was the thought I had in my mind. Although in all honesty, I felt so hopeless and lonely because for the first time in my life, I am alone.
I’m still here in this foreign land where I started to fight for my dreams. Years had gone by and I’m yet too far from where I want to be. It feels depressing and frustrating at times but as a warrior of my dreams, there’s really nothing much I can do than to continue fighting head on. I have struggles that I had to face in order to just get by but of all the things I went through, I am glad to still be able to say that I am not giving up just yet and the good news is that I’m fighting right now with a smile on my face.

I’ve befriended the fear and the pain that I’ve felt for a long time because one thing I learned is that fighting gracefully gives better result than fighting hatefully. 🙂



What’s your story?

Most people have an insight about how they want their lives to become. Some people knows just how to set their goals and achieve them but some people take longer time realizing where they want to be. Some people take a straight path towards their destination but some people take lefts, rights, u-turns, and even stop-overs on their journey. The common thing between them is that no matter how hard or easy it is for you to get there, there will always be something you’d bump into along the way.

What makes life interesting is not the trophy we get at the end of the road but the stories we have had along they way; It’s the lessons we have learned, the friendships we have gained, and the limits we have reached.

Billions of people around the world today are walking their own paths; that includes you and me but what makes it even more fascinating is the fact that we may be living halfway across the earth from someone but at the same time having similar things going through our lives.

I love hearing and reading other people’s stories. I love being able to relate my experiences with other people’s experiences. I love sharing my own stories and somehow being able to help someone who’s going through the same things I went through. So apart from annoying my sisters with my stories and life experiences, let me just start this blog and record all the note-worthy things that I’ll come across.

…because the journey is just as important as the destination. 🙂